Where do you tutor?

Zane almost always tutors at his home in Brynmawr but if you live close to his route home from work, it may be possible to come to you.

Lauran almost always tutors at her home in Beaufort but if you live close to her route home from work, it may be possible to come to you for a 4PM appointment.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You’ll only need basic stationery like pens, pencils and a calculator. We’ll provide notes and worksheets. However, you are welcome to bring any work of your own from school/college if you want help with it.

How long do lessons last?

Lessons are usually 1 hour but we are happy to discuss longer (or even shorter sessions).

Can I book more than 1 lesson a week?

Certainly. Provided we have available time, you are welcome to have as many sessions as you like.

Is it OK if I sit in on sessions with my son/daughter?

You are welcome to stay, though most parents are happy to leave their children with us. Beware though, if you do stay for Zane’s lessons, you’ll have company from our dogs (see below)!

I’m wary around animals, do you have any pets?

Zane has two dogs (Bichon Frisé) and a cat. They like to greet people and the dogs can be a little excitable at first but they soon settle down once given a treat.

Lauran doesn’t currently have any pets.